Snakes in Maryland

Maryland has around 27 snake species, of which two, the timber rattlesnake and eastern copperhead, are venomous, mainly inhabiting the western part of the state. The biggest snake living here is the eastern rat snake, 42-72 inches long. The DeKay’s Brownsnake, on the other hand, is the state’s smallest.

In quite a recent incident, a a 49-year-old man of Maryland’s Charles County, having more than a hundred venomous and non-venomous snakes in his home, fell prey to snake envenomation, losing his life.

Snakes in Maryland (MD)
RattlesnakesTimber Rattlesnake
Pit VipersEastern Copperhead 
Water SnakesCommon Watersnake
Plain-bellied Watersnake
Garter SnakesCommon Gartersnake
Eastern Ribbonsnake
KingsnakesCommon Kingsnake
Northern Mole Kingsnake
Milk Snake
Coastal Plain Milk Snake
Hognose Snakes Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
OpheodrysSmooth Green Snake
Rough Green Snake
ReginaQueen Snake
VirginiaSmooth Earth Snake
Mountain Earth Snake
StoreriaDeKay’s Brownsnake
Redbelly Snake
PantherophisCorn Snake
Black Rat Snake
Eastern Rat Snake
CemophoraScarlet Snake
ColuberEastern Racer
FaranciaRainbow Snake
Pituophis  Pine Snake
CarphophisWorm Snake

 Northern Ring-necked Snake Southern Ring-necked Snake

Snakes by Colors and Patterns

Black Snakes: Black Rat Snake, Eastern Rat Snake

Brown Snakes: DeKay’s Brownsnake, Common Garter Snake  

Snakes by Regions

Snakes in Northern Maryland: Queen Snake

Snakes in Southern Maryland: Rainbow Snake

Snakes in Western Maryland: Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Copperhead, Rough Green Maryland, Smooth Green Snake 

Quick Information

Largest Snake: Eastern Rat Snake

Smallest Snake: DeKay’s Brownsnake