Snakes in the Caribbean

The sandy beaches, stunning blue waters, and other picturesque sceneries make the Caribbean a stunning vacationing spot. However, the island has about 6%  of the total population of reptiles. Speaking about the snake population here, the island has several venomous species, the deadliest being the Martinican pit viper or fer-de-lance, endemic to the Martinique islands.

 Of all the places, Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost island of the Caribbean, has the most species, around forty-seven of them.

In 2021, a 10-feet long snake was discovered from the Dominica forest, lifted by workers using a digger.

Snakes in Caribbean
RattlesnakeCascabel Aruba Island Rattlesnake 
Pit VipersMartinican Pit Viper 
Coral SnakeCentral American Coral Snake 
BoaHaitian Dwarf Boa
Spotted Red Dwarf Boa
Dusky Dwarf Boa
Black-bellied Dwarf Boa
Leopard Dwarf Boa
Pilsbry’s Dwarf Boa
Yellow-banded Dwarf Boa Gracile Banded Dwarf Boa
Turks Islands Boa
Abaco Island Boa
Ford’s Boa Cuba Boa
Crooked-Aklins Boa
Cayman Islands Dwarf Boa Cook’s Tree Boa
Grenada Tree Boa
Central American Tree Boa Caicos Dwarf Boa
Puerto Rican Boa
Jamaican Boa
Conception Bank Silver Boa Virgin Islands Tree Boa
Boa Constrictor
ErythrolamprusShaw’s Dark Ground Snake Ornate Ground Snake
Julia’s Ground Snake
Barbados Racer
HydrophisYellow-bellied Sea Snake 

Puerto Rican Worm Snake Montserrat Worm Snake  
LeptophisGreen Parrot Snake
EpictiaGuyana Blind Snake

Grenada Bank Blindsnake Brongersma’s Worm Snake

Antiguan Racer
Antilles Racer
Montserrat Racer
Dominica Racer
Leeward Island Racer  

Dominican Blindsnake
Puerto Rican Coastal Blind Snake

Barbados Threadsnake
MastigodryasBarbour’s Tropical Racer  
NatrixGrass Snake

Saint Vincent Blacksnake

Southern American Bushmaster

Saint Lucia Lancehead
Common Lancehead
StoreriaRed-bellied Snake 

Snakes in the Caribbean (by Regions )

Quick Information

Biggest Snake: Boa Constrictor

Smallest Snake: Barbados Threadsnake