Snakes in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico doesn’t have a lot of snakes, just eleven of them, of which just one the Puerto Rican racer is considered venomous, that too with a mild venom level. The boa snake species living in this Caribbean island mostly inhabit the reserves and the El Yunque National forest area, making their appearances at night.

The largest snake of Puerto Rico is the Puerto Rican boa, reaching to lengths of 7 feet, and even 12 feet at the maximum. The Puerto Rican racer is second in the list as per size measuring round 3 feet.

Snakes in Puerto Rico
BorikenophisPuerto Rican Racer

Puerto Rican Wetlands Blind Snake  
AntillotyphlopsPuerto Rican Coastal Blind Snake Flathead Worm Snake
Richard’s Blindsnake
Grant’s Worm Snake
ChilabothrusMona Island Boa
Virgin Island Tree Boa
ArrhytonPuerto Rican Garden Snake