Snakes in Jamaica

Jamaica doesn’t have too many snake species, just eight on average, of which none are considered potentially venomous. The reason for the fewer numbers of snakes here, primarily active during nighttime, is the increase in human population, lessening the snakes’ natural habitat to a great extent. The snake population also fell after the introduction of mongoose to Jamaica from India to keep the rats at bay, a menace to the cane fields.

The Jamaican boa, alternately called the yellow snake, is the biggest, measuring about 7 feet long. When it comes to sea snakes, this island has no species of it. However, the non-venomous grass snake dwells in wetland habitats, mostly ponds, rivers, and lakes.

Snakes in Jamaica
Chilabothrus  Jamaican Boa
TropidophisJamaican Dwarf Boa Jamaican Eyespot Boa Portland Ridge Boa
NatrixGrass Snake
AlsophisJamaican Racer
TyphlopsJamaican Blind Snake
Coronella  Smooth Snake