Snakes in Australia

Australia is home to around 140 land snakes, and 32 sea snakes, of which nearly 100 are considered venomous. Interestingly the three of the world’s deadliest snakes dwell in the country.

The inland taipan, the most venomous snake globally, has a wide range here. It has such intense venom that it can kill around 100 adult humans or 2500 mice from a single bite. Yet there have been no records of death from an Inland taipan bite in Australia to date.

The second most venomous land snake, the eastern brown snake, is found in the eastern and central regions. The coastal taipan, ranking third globally in venom level, is also native to Australia, inhabiting cane fields, sand dunes, and tropical rainforests.

You can find snakes of various colors in Australia, yet one of the most striking ones is the blue variant. The Australian tree snake or the common tree snake dwelling in the northern tropical regions and eastern parts of the continent, has a blue phase, rarely spotted. Moreover, when threatened, it emits a bluish splash between the scales, creating a stunning formation.

The scrub python, reaching a length of 8 meters, is the largest snake in Australia, while the pygmy python, just 61 cm long, is the smallest.

Snakes in Australia
CopperheadsLowland Copperhead
Mangrove SnakesRichardson’s Mangrove Snake  
WhipsnakesYellow-faced Whipsnake
Little Whip Snake
Olive Whipsnake
Greater Black Whipsnake Collared Whipsnake
Lesser Black Whipsnake
AddersCommon Death Adder
Northern Death Adder
Desert Death Adder

Eastern Brown Snake
Western Brown Snake
NotechisTiger Snake
Mainland Tiger Snake

Inland Taipan
Coastal Taipan

Mulga Snake
Red-bellied Black Snake

Small-eyed Snake 
DrysdaliaMaster’s Snake
White-lipped Snake
SutaMallee Black-backed Snake Spectacled Hooded Snake
Curl Snake

Morelia Torresian Carpet Python
BoigaBrown Tree Snake 
CerberusNew Guinea Bockadam 
HoplocephalusPale-headed Snake 

Prong-snouted Blind Snake Proximus Blind Snake
CacophisSouthern Dwarf Crowned Snake 
AspiditesBlack-headed Python
AipysurusOlive Sea Snake
Leaf-scaled Sea Snake
Dubois’ sea snake
AntaresiaChildren’s Python
Pygmy Python

Water Python
Olive Python
NyctophilopythonOenpelli Python
DendrelaphisAustralian Tree Snake (Green Tree Snake)
FordoniaCrab-eating Water Snake
EmydocephalusTurtle-headed Sea Snake
HydrophisStoke’s Sea Snake
Horned Sea Snake
Small-headed Sea Snake
Yellow-bellied Sea Snake
Elegant sea snake
SimaliaAustralian Scrub Python
SimoselapsWest Coast Banded Snake

Snakes by Colors and Patterns

Black Snakes: Red-bellied Black Snake, Blue-bellied Black Snake

Brown Snakes: Eastern Brown Snake, Western Brown Snake

Yellow Snakes: Yellow-faced Whip Snake, Yellow-bellied Sea Snake

Green Snakes: Green Tree Snake (Common Tree Snake)

Snakes in Australia (By Regions)

Quick Information

Biggest Snake: Australian Scrub Python

Smallest Snake: Pygmy Python

Most Dangerous/Deadliest Snakes: Inland Taipan, Eastern Brown Snake, Coastal Taipan