Snakes in Tasmania

Tasmania doesn’t have too many snake species, just three, with all of them being venomous. The tiger snake with a brown, yellow, olive, or black body is the deadliest of the three Tasmanian snakes, their fangs growing to around 5 mm. In a recent incident a 78 year old farmer was attacked and killed on his farm by a tiger snake measuring 1.4 mm. The snake wrapped itself around the man’s body, biting it several times, leading to a multi-organ failure. Chappell Island in Tasmania is home to some giant tiger snake species, with the largest measuring up to 2.4mm.

Another venomous species, the white-lipped snake, also referred to as whip snakes is the smallest of all the Tasmanian snakes.

The snake season here is from October to March, while they go into hibernation during the winter.

Snakes in Tasmania
CopperheadsLowland Copperhead
NotechisTiger Snake
DrysdaliaWhite-lipped Snake –