Snakes in Sydney

Snake season in Sydney starts in September, continuing up to April when most of them begin actively searching for food or even a mate.

Of the several snakes living in Sydney, the eastern brown snake, and the red-bellied black snake, both known for their increased venom levels, are pretty common here. The eastern brown snake, the world’s second most venomous snake, inhabits woodlands and grasslands but may even be found in backyards, inside homes, and sheds.

The copperheads, tiger snake species, and non-venomous diamond pythons dwell in cooler regions, including the coastal city of Wollongong and the Blue Mountains. The broad-headed snake inhabiting the Sydney Basin was quite common before. However, it has been endangered at present its population being concentrated in the rugged terrain within national parks. In August 2021, a 3m long diamond python was caught slithering in the Woolworths supermarket’s spice section. The lady encountering this unexpected visitor was luckily a former snake catcher and managed to handle the situation well.

In another incident, way back in 2019, a boa constrictor was suspected of having been around Silverdale after a construction worker spotted its skin near a property he was renovating. Residents were alerted to report any sightings to the forest department.

Snakes in Sydney
AddersCommon Death Adder
CopperheadHighland Copperhead Lowland Copperhead
PseudechisRed-bellied Black Snake
Boiga Brown Tree Snake
CacophisGolden-crowned Snake
DrysdaliaWhite-lipped Snake
Blue-Mountains Crowned Snake
HoplocephalusPale-headed Snake
Broad-headed Snake
Stephen’s Banded Snake
NotechishMainland Tiger Snake
PseudonajaEastern Brown Snake
IndotyphlopsBrahminy Blind Snake
FurinaRed-naped Snake
DendrelaphisAustralian Tree Snake (Common Tree Snake/Green Tree Snake)
MoreliaTorresian Carpet Python Diamond Python
DemansiaYellow-faced Whip Snake