Snakes in Victoria

Victoria doesn’t have too many snakes dwelling here, with most of the species dwelling here being venomous. Of the two copperhead species inhabiting the state, the highland copperhead in the northeastern and eastern parts, is found in forests and swamps. The lowland copperhead, on the other hand, can be spotted throughout southern Victoria, mostly near water sources.

Of the non-venomous snakes, the green tree snake, also called the yellow-bellied black snake found throughout Australia, is one of the two species possibly dwelling here. The woodland Blindsnake is found in small numbers in Victoria and is a protected species here.

Snake season in Victoria starts in September and continues up to April during which snakes are active the most, coming out from their den for food, mates, and sunlight. The state of Victoria has laws regarding the safety of snakes, and as per the Wildlife Act 1975, killing them is illegal.

Snakes in Victoria
CopperheadHighland Copperhead
Lowland Copperhead
PseudechisRed-bellied Black Snake
NotechisTiger Snake
CryptophisEastern Small-eyed Snake
PseudonajaEastern Brown Snake
DrysdaliaWhite-lipped Snake 
Anilios Woodland Blind Snake
DendrelaphisAustralian Tree Snake (Common Tree Snake/ Green Tree Snake)