Snakes in Oregon

Of the fifteen snake species present in Oregon, only one, i.e., the western or prairie rattlesnake, is venomous. One could mostly find these venomous snakes in the northeastern and central parts of Oregon, inhabiting juniper woodlands and pine forests. The four garter species inhabiting here mostly dwell along grasslands, lawns, fields, forests, and woodlands.

Snakes in Oregon (OR)
RattlesnakesWestern Rattlesnake
Garter Snakes Aquatic Garter Snake
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake Northwestern Garter Snake Common Garter Snake
KingsnakesCommon Kingsnake
California Mountain Kingsnake
WhipsnakesStriped Whipsnake
CharinaRubber Boa
ColuberEastern Racer
ContiaSharp-tailed Snake
DiadophisRing-necked Snake
PituophisGopher Snake
HypsiglenaNight Snake
SonoraWestern Ground Snake

Snakes by Regions

Snakes in Northern Oregon: Western Rattlesnake

Snakes in Southern Oregon: California Mountain Kingsnake, Aquatic Garter Snake

Snakes in Central Oregon: Western Rattlesnake, Rubber Boa, Sharp-tailed Snake

Snakes in Western Oregon: Northwestern Garter Snake

Snakes in Eastern Oregon: Night Snake, Striped Whipsnake