Snakes in Panama

Panama has several pit vipers, of which fer-de-lance is the most venomous of the lot. Of the several sea snakes in Panama, the yellow-bellied sea snake is the commonest found along the coasts, characterized by a black body with yellow or orange stripes. The country has several coral species, like the venomous red-tailed coral snake. The non-venomous false tree coral, also called the coral mimic snake, absolutely replicates the coral in appearance, henceforth the name.

Snakes in Panama
Coral SnakesRed-tailed Coral Snake
ViperEyelash Viper 
Boas Northern Rubber Boa
Rainbow Boa
Central American Tree Boa Ringed-tree Boa
Boa Imperator
KingsnakesBlack Milk Snake
Pit VipersFer-de-lance Picado’s
Jumping Pit Viper
Side-striped Palm Pit Viper Central American Jumping Pit Viper
Lansberge’s Hog-nosed Pit-viper Ujarran Hognosed Pitviper Black-speckled Palm-pit Viper Hognosed Pitviper

Yellow-bellied Sea Snake
OxybelisGreen Vine Snake Mexican Vine Snake
BothropsCommon Lancehead  

Parrot Snake Oliver’s Parrot Snake
SpilotesChicken Snake
RhinobothryumCoral Mimic Snake

Black-headed Bushmaster Central American Bushmaster Chocoan Bushmaster   
DrymarchonMiddle American Indigo Snake

Yellow-bellied Puffing Snake  
TrilepidaBig-scaled Blackhead
DrymobiusSpeckled Racer