Snakes in Utah

The venomous snakes found in Utah are mostly rattlesnake species. The Mohave green, dwelling in the state’s southwestern corner, is the deadliest among the lot. However, the most commonly encountered species is the western or prairie rattlesnake dwelling in the eastern part. Another rattlesnake species, the Midget faded rattlesnake, only thrives in eastern Utah’s Moab area.  

 Utah lacks any coral snake population. However, the Sonoran mountain kingsnake, having white, black, and red bands, is often mistaken for the coral snake because of its similarity in appearance.

Utah has no snakes belonging to the Nerodia or water snake genus. However, certain snakes living in or close to water sources are found here, like the black-necked garter snake, rubber boa, and gopher snake.

Snakes in Utah (UT)
Rattlesnakes –Great Basin Rattlesnake
Prairie Rattlesnake
Hopi Rattlesnake
Midget Faded Rattlesnake
Mojave Green Rattlesnake Speckled Rattlesnake
Garter SnakesWestern Terrestrial Garter Snake Black-necked Garter Snake Valley Garter Snake
Hognose SnakesWestern Hognose Snake
KingsnakesSonoran  Mountain Kingsnake California Kingsnake
Milk Snake
Whip SnakesStriped Whipsnake Coachwhip
CharinaRubber Boa
RhinocheilusLong-nosed Snake
SalvadoraWestern Patch-nosed Snake
PituophisGopher Snake
Great Basin Gopher Snake
ArizonaGlossy Snake
OpheodrysSmooth Green Snake
HypsiglenaNorthern Desert Night Snake
PantherophisCorn Snake
Great Plains Rat Snake
ColuberEastern Racer

Ring-necked Snake
RenaWestern Blind Snake
TantillaSmith’s Blackhead Snake
SonoraWestern Ground Snake
TrimorphodonWestern Lyre Snake
Sonoran Lyresnake
PhyllorhynchusSpotted Leaf-nosed Snake

Snakes by Colors and Patterns

Black Snakes: Eastern Racer, Black-necked Garter Snake

Snakes by Regions

Snakes in Northern Utah: Valley Garter Snake, Rubber Boa, Great Basin Gopher Snake

Snakes in Southern Utah: California Kingsnake, Speckled Rattlesnake, Hopi Rattlesnake, Mojave Rattlesnake, Glossy Snake

Snakes in Eastern Utah: Milksnake,Midget Faded Rattlesnake, Corn Snake, Prairie Rattlesnake

Snakes in Western Utah: Long-nosed Snake, Great Basin Rattlesnake

Quick Information

Biggest Snake: Great Basin Gopher Snake

Most Dangerous Snakes: Mohave Rattlesnake, Speckled Rattlesnake