Snakes in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has just 14 species of snakes, most being non-venomous except the timber rattlesnake and northern copperhead. The timber rattlesnake, considered endangered and protected in Massachusetts, is found in five locations, including the Connecticut River Valley area, Blue Hills, and the Berkshires. The northern copperhead, on the other hand, is found along the Boston region and Connecticut River Valley.

The black rat snake is the state’s biggest, while the worm snake is the smallest.

Snakes in Massachusetts (MA)
RattlesnakesTimber Rattlesnake
Pit VipersNorthern Copperhead
Garter SnakesEastern Garter Snake
Ribbon Snake
KingsnakesMilk Snake
Water SnakesCommon Watersnake
Hognose SnakesEastern Hog-nosed Snake
StoreriaDeKay’s Brownsnake
Redbelly Snake
ColuberEastern Racer
Rat SnakesBlack Rat Snake
OpheodrysSmooth Green Snake
DiadophisRing-necked Snake
CarphophisEastern Worm Snake
Worm Snake

Snakes by Colors and Patterns

Black Snakes: Black Rat Snake, Eastern Racer

Brown Snakes: DeKay’s Brownsnake, Eastern Garter Snake

Snakes by Regions

Snakes in Northern Massachusetts: Northern Copperhead

Snakes in Western Massachusetts: Timber Rattlesnake,Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

Quick Information

Biggest Snake: Black Rat Snake

Smallest Snake: Worm Snake