Snakes in Iowa

Iowa has around 28 snake species, with five of them being venomous. Most venomous snakes, like the timber rattlesnakes and massasaugas found in the southern and eastern parts, are rare. The gopher snake is the largest, measuring between 37 and 72 inches, reaching a maximum length of about 100 inches.

Snakes in Iowa (IA)
Rattle SnakesTimber Rattlesnake
Prairie Rattlesnake
Eastern Massasauga
Western Massasauga
Pit VipersEastern Copperhead
Water Snakes Plainbelly Water Snake Diamondback Water Snake Common Water Snake
KingsnakesPrairie Kingsnake
Speckled Kingsnake
Eastern Milk Snake
Hognose SnakesPlains Hog-nosed Snake
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
Garter SnakesPlains Garter Snake
Common Garter Snake
Western Ribbon Snake
OpheodrysSmooth Green Snake
ReginaGraham’s Crayfish Snake
StoreriaDeKay’s Brown Snake
Redbelly Snake
Pantherophis Western Fox Snake
Black Rat Snake
Carphophis Western  Worm Snake
Coluber Eastern Racer
DiadophisRing-necked Snake
PituophisGopher Snake
TropidoclonionLined Snake
VirginiaSmooth Earth Snake

Snakes by Colors and Patterns

Brown Snakes: DeKay’s Brown Snake, Common Garter Snake, Plains Garter Snake

Black Snakes: Black Rat Snake

Snakes by Region

Snakes in Northern Iowa: Smooth Green Snake

Snakes in Southern Iowa: Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Massasauga, Western Massasauga, Speckled Kingsnake

Quick Information

Largest Snake: Gopher Snake

Smallest Snake: DeKay’s Brownsnake

Most Venomous Snakes: Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Massasauga, Western Massasauga