Snakes in Hawaii

Are there snakes in Hawaii

Hawaii has just one native snake species, the Brahminy blind snake, often mistaken for a worm. It is non-venomous, causing no harm to humans. Keeping snakes in Hawaii is illegal since they lack a natural predator and compete with the existing animal population for survival, disrupting the ecosystem. Owning snakes as pets is deemed unlawful in Hawaii, leading to a fine of about $200,000 or three years of imprisonment. Despite these, people have often resorted to keeping snakes in the wild and releasing them in the wild upon getting bored.

Some invasive snakes rescued here include the boa constrictor, ball python, and Burmese python. Another snake that has been a menace to the state was the mildly venomous brown tree snake, with around eight found in Hawaii from 1981-1998.

Snakes in Hawaii (HI)