Snakes in Nevada

Nevada has around 40 snake species, seven of which are considered venomous. The Mohave rattlesnake, also called the Mohave green inhabiting the state’s desert areas, is considered the most venomous of all Nevada snakes. The striped whipsnake is the largest among all snakes here, growing to a length of approximately 72 inches, mainly inhabiting the arid areas.

Snakes in Nevada (NV)
RattlesnakesDiamond-backed Rattlesnake
Speckled Rattlesnake
Mohave Rattlesnake
Panamint Rattlesnake
Great Basin Rattlesnake
Western Rattlesnake
Garter SnakesValley Garter Snake
Sierra Garter Snake
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
KingsnakesSonoran Mountain Kingsnake Utah Mountain Kingsnake Common Kingsnake
California Kingsnake
Whip SnakesCoachwhip Striped Whipsnake
RenaWestern Blind Snake

Southwestern Blackhead Snake
ArizonaDesert Glossy Snake Glossy Snake
TrimorphodonSonoran Lyresnake
California Lyresnake
PituophisGopher Snake  
SalvadoraMohave Patch-nosed Snake Western Patch-nosed Snake
SonoraWestern Shovel-nosed Snake Nevada Shovel-nosed Snake Western Ground Snake
ColuberWestern yellow-bellied Racer Red Racer
Phyllorhynchus    Spotted Leaf-nosed Snake  
RhinocheilusLong-nosed Snake
HypsiglenaDesert Nightsnake

 Ring-necked Snake
Regal Ringneck Snake

Snakes by Regions

Snakes in Northern Nevada: Great Basin Rattlesnake, Gopher Snake

Snakes in Southern Nevada: Mohave Rattlesnake, Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake, Desert Glossy Snake, Regal Ringneck Snake, Western Rattlesnake

Quick Information

Biggest Snake: Striped Whipsnake

Deadliest Snake: Mohave Rattlesnake