Snakes in Thailand

Thailand has over 200 snake species, many of which are venomous. The snake sightings in Bangkok mainly include pit vipers, pythons, and pythons, the monocled cobra being one of the deadliest of the lot. In an unusual incident in 2022, a furry snake green in color was spotted near the swampy regions of northeast Thailand’s Sakon Nakhon province. The man who spotted it had kept the snake 2 feet in length within a container feeding it with fish until the authorities identified it.

The cobra species found here is the longest. A king cobra measuring 13 ft was discovered in one of southern Thailand’s housing estates. The brahminy blindsnake, on the other hand, is the smallest species in Thailand. 

Snakes in Thailand
VipersMalayan Pit Viper
White-lipped Pit Viper
Large-eyed Pit Viper
Mangrove Pit Viper
PythonsBurmese Python
Reticulated Python
Pit-vipersEastern Russell’s Viper
Whip SnakesOriental Whip
Long-nosed Whip Snake  
CobrasMonocled Cobra
Indochinese Spitting Cobra
Equatorial Spitting Cobra
King Cobra
Coral SnakesBlue Coral Snake
Golden Tree Snake (Ornate Flying Snake)
Small-spotted Coral Snake

Malayan Krait
Banded Krait
HydrophisYellow-bellied Sea Snake
Lambert’s Sea Snake

Tentacled Snake
CerberusDog-faced Water Snake
BitiaKeel-bellied Water Snake

Red-necked Keelback
EnhydrisChanard’s Mud Snake
Rainbow Water Snake

Beaked Sea Snake
BoigaMany-spotted Cat Snake
Green Cat Snake
CoelognathusCopperhead Racer
LycodonLaotian Wolf Snake
Common Wolf Snake
Common Bridle Snake

Checkered Keelback

Painted Bronzeback
Xenopeltis Sunbeam Snake  
PtyasOriental Ratsnake

Banded Kukri Snake
Striped Kukri Snake
CylindrophisJodi’s Pipe Snake
HomalopsisJack’s Water Snake
SubsessorBocourt’s Water Snake

Little File Snake
EnhydrisJagor’s Water Snake
AcrochordusJavan Wart Snake
PsammophisIndo-chinese Sand Snake
AmphiesmaBuff Striped Keelback

Brahminy Blindsnake
White-headed Blind Snake

Diard’s Blind Snake
Roxane’s Blind Snake  

Red-tailed Racer

Snakes by Colors and Patterns

Green Snakes: Oriental Whip Snake,White-lipped Pit Viper,Green Cat Snake