Snakes in Korea

Korea has around eight venomous species, with the mamushi being the most dangerous snake in the country. Of the large snake species, the amur rat snake is one of the largest in the country, growing to a length of 70 inches.

The common snakes in North Korea include David’s rat snake, the Korean beauty snake, and the common European adder. In South Korea, one could find species like the ussuri mamushi,  central Asian pit viper, and short-tailed mamushi.

Snakes in Korea
AddersCommon European Adder
Pit VipersCentral Asian Pit Viper
Garter SnakesChinese Garter Snake

Mamushi Ussuri
Mamushi Short-tailed

Tiger Keelback
HydrophisAnnulated Sea Snake
Slender-necked Sea Snake Yellow-bellied Sea Snake

Russian Ratsnake
David’s Ratsnake
Dione’s Ratsnake
Amur Ratsnake
LycodonRed-banded Snake
OrthriophisKorean Beauty Snake
PlatycepsSlender Racer Snake
SibynophisCollared Black-headed Snake