Snakes in Italy

Italy is one of the top places in the world regarding natural and scenic beauty. When it comes to flora and fauna, the place has its share of evergreens, alongside wildlife like roe deer, chamois, and ibex. While speaking of the country’s snake population, it is essential to know that it has not more than twenty snake species.

The most venomous snakes in Italy are the viper species, the asp viper being the most dangerous.

Every year the serpari or snake festival is held on 1st May in Italy’s Cocullo city in honor of the patron saint, Saint Dominic. He miraculously kept snakes away from the fields. It is even celebrated to commemorate Angitia, the goddess of snakes that people in central Italy worship.

Snakes in Italy
VipersCommon European Viper
Nose-horned Viper
Asp Viper
Walser Viper
Meadow Viper
Whip SnakesGreen Whip Snake (Western Whip Snake)
Balkan Whip Snake
Horseshoe Whip Snake
MalpolonMontpellier Snake
TelescopusEuropean Cat Snake
NatrixGrass Snake Dice Snake
Viperine Water Snake
ZamenisAesculapian Snake
Italian Aesculapian Snake European Rat Snake
Ladder Snake

Four-lined Snake

Smooth Snake
Southern Smooth Snake

Snakes by Region

Snakes in Northern Italy: Aesculapian Snake

Snakes in Southern Italy: Italian Aesculapian Snake, Asp Viper