Snakes in Corfu

The mountainous skyline, vast stretches of coastline, and the great blue sea make Corfu a perfect destination for an uninterrupted, soothing holiday. However, for all vacationers, it is essential to know that this scenic island has the reputation of quite a few snake species that make this place their home. However, most of them are harmless and would void humans unless the latter provoke or disturb them.

Of the venomous species, the long-nosed or nose-horned viper is the only dangerous snake of Corfu that would attack if agitated. One would mostly find them near sea shores and rocky habitats. So visitors sighting them during a hike or a beach holiday should avoid getting near them.

Snakes in Corfu
VipersLong-nosed Viper (Nose-horned Viper)
Whip SnakesBalkan Whip Snake
Caspian Whip Snake
Dahl’s Whip Snake

Montpellier Snake

Cat Snake
ZamenisAesculapian Snake
European Ratsnake

Four-lined Snake
EryxJavelin Sand Boa
NatrixGrass Snake
Dice Snake
CarphophisWorm Snake
PsammophylaxRhombic Skaapsteker