Snakes in Greece

Greece has quite a few venomous snake species, of which the most dangerous is the common European adder or the ohia snake. It inhabits mainland Greece alongside Kefalonia, Corfu, and Zakynthos islands.

One could even find a decent number of snakes in Rhodes, the largest Dodecanese island in Greece. Most viper species like the meadow viper, long-nosed viper, and ottoman viper are found here.

Of the water snakes living in Greece, the grass snake and the ladder snake, a subspecies of the former, are the significant species dwelling close to water sources like rock pools and sea shores. 

Snakes in Greece
AddersCommon European Adder
VipersMeadow Viper
Ottoman Viper
Desert Horned Viper
Milos Viper
Cyclades Blunt-nosed Viper Rock Viper Long-nosed Viper
Whip SnakesBalkan Whip Snake
Caspian Whip Snake
Green Whip Snake
Dahl’s Whip Snake
Lesser Black Whip Snake

Montpellier Snake

European Cat Snake
CoronellaSmooth Snake
ZamenisAesculapian Snake
European Ratsnake

Blotched Snake
Four-lined Snake
EryxJavelin Sand Boa
NatrixGrass Snake Dice Snake

Dwarf Snake
HemorrhoisCoin-marked Snake
CarphophisWorm Snake
TyphlopsEuropean Blind Snake

Snakes in Greece (By Region)