Snakes in France

France has around fourteen snake species, of which five are venomous. The asp viper found in the country’s southeastern part is considered venomous. One of the biggest snakes in France is the Aesculapian snake, measuring between 110 cm and 160 cm. The smallest snake, on the other hand, is the viperine water snake, barely reaching a length of 70 cm.

Snakes in France
VipersAsp Viper
Ursini’s Viper
Seoane’s Viper
AddersCommon European Adder 
MalpolonMontpellier Snake 

Smooth Snake
Southern Smooth Snake
ZamenisLadder Snake
Aesculapian Snake

Green Whip Snake (Western Whip Snake)
NatrixGrass Snake
Iberian Grass Snake
Barred Grass Snake
Viperine Water Snake

Snakes by Regions

Snakes in Northern France: Common European Adder

Snakes in Southern France: Asp Viper, Iberian Grass Snake