Snakes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has more than 100 snake species, of which around 20 are considered venomous. The deadliest snake in this Central American country is the fer de lance, capable of injecting venom of 105 mg in a single bite. One could spot them around tropical rainforests and elevations up to about 2000ft.

Though the country has several venomous snakes, as per the biting statistics, the mortality from snake bites peaked in the 1950s -1960s – at 4.83% per 100,000 people.

In Costa Rica, one may find them in several national parks like Palo Verde, Chiripo, and Carara. Bushmaster is the longest snake in Costa Rica found throughout the country, growing to a length of about four meters on certain occasions.

A marine or sea snake was discovered by researchers in 2017, which they named the yellow sea snake. It even has a unique swimming strategy, curled into a ball, attacking the fish close to it. They were initially thought of as a color variant of the yellow-bellied sea snake, which suggests its possibility as a subspecies or maybe a new species.

Snakes in Costa Rica
RattlesnakesNeotropical Rattlesnake
Central American Rattle Snake
Coral SnakesCentral American Coral Snake 
Whip SnakesCoachwhip
Garter SnakesCommon Garter Snake
KingsnakesHonduran Milk Snake
Sea SnakesYellow-bellied Sea Snake 
BothropsFer De Lance
AhaetullaGreen Vine Snake
ThelotornisBird Snake
PorthidiumToboba Gata
MetlapilcoatlusMexican Jumping Pit Viper
LeptodrymusGreen-headed Racer
BothriechisSide-striped Palm-pit Viper
Eyelash Viper
Yellow-blotched Palm-pitviper
CerrophidionGodman’s Montane Pit Viper

Rainforest Hog-nosed Pitviper
BoaBoa Constrictor

Rainbow Boa
CorallusAnnulated Boa

Parrot Snake
MastigodryasSalmon-bellied Racer

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Deadliest Snakes:  Fer De Lance, Tropical Rattlesnake, Central American Coral Snake