Vipers (Viperidae)

Lower Classification

One of the larger snake families, there are 4 subfamilies of vipers that includes over 200 venomous snake species classified into the following genera:

Azemiopinae (Monotypic Subfamily: Azemiops )

Causinae (Night adders)

Crotalinae (Pit vipers)

Viperinae (True/pitless vipers)

  • Bush vipers (Atheris)
  • Puff adders (Bitis)
  • Horned vipers (Cerastes)
  • Day adders (Daboia)
  • Saw-scaled vipers (Echis)
  • Eristicophis (Monotypic species: McMahon’s viper)
  • Large Palearctic vipers (Macrovipera)
  • Montatheris (Monotypic species: Kenya mountain viper)
  • Upland vipers (Montivipera)
  • Proatheris (Monotypic species: Lowland viper)
  • False horned vipers (Pseudocerastes)
  • Palearctic vipers (Vipera)