Snakes in Vietnam

Vietnam has around 200 snake species, most of which, like the kraits, cobras, and vipers, are increasingly venomous. The deadliest snake dwelling here in places close to water sources is the Malayan krait. Its venom levels are so high that the survival chances from its bite are extremely rare.

The many-banded krait, one of the world’s most venomous snakes, was referred to as the two-step snake by the American soldiers who encountered it at the time of the Vietnam War. It was perhaps a belief among the soldiers that this snake’s venom was lethal enough to kill the victim in just two steps. Some even called it the cigarette snake since the time it took to kill equalled the time taken to smoke a cigarette. However, many labeled this as a myth or misbelieve since true that it is deadly, delivering fatal bites, but not to the extent as estimated.

As per speculations, the guerrilla forces often carried snakes (the bamboo pit vipers) as a trap to capture and kill their enemy who came searching for them.

Snakes in Vietnam
KraitsRed River Krait
Blue-lipped Sea Krait
Red-headed Krait
Northeastern Hill Krait
Banded Krait
Many-banded Krait
Malayan Krait
Yellow-lipped Sea Krait
VipersFea’s Viper
White-lipped Viper
Russell’s Viper
Common Mock Viper

Ruby-eyed Green Pit Viper
TropidolaemusWagler’s Pit Viper
HydrophisStoke’s Sea Snake
Horned Sea Snake

Rice Paddy Snake
ErpetonTentacled Snake 
ElapinaeKing Cobra
NajaThai-spitting Cobra
Chinese Cobra

Reticulated Python

Asian Vine Snake
BoigaSquare-headed Cat Snake  
EnhydrisChinese Water Snake

Three-horned Scaled Pit Viper 
XenodermidaeBourret’s Odd-scaled Snake
Peters’ Odd-scaled Snake
AcrochordusLittle File Snake
OpisthotropisAnderson’s Stream Snake
HebiusAndrea’s Keelback
Annam Keelback
Buff Striped Keelback
Northern Keelback
Vietnam Water Snake
GonyosomaRhinoceros Ratsnake
Rein Snake
Red-tailed Green Ratsnake
OrthriophisBeauty Rat Snake

Chinese Kukri Snake
CalamariaCollared Reed Snake
PareasCommon Slug Snake

Red-tailed Pipe Snake

Striped Bronzeback
ElapheKing Rat Snake

Greater Green Snake
ArgyrophisVietnam Worm Snake
RhabdophisSpecklebelly Keelback
LycodonBanded Wolf Snake
Oriental Wolf Snake

Quick Information

Deadliest Snake: Malayan Krait


Q. How many causalities from snake bite occurred during the Vietnam war? 

As per records, snake bites claimed the lives of 25-50 American soldiers yearly during the Vietnam War.

Q. Which is the giant snake of Vietnam?

The giant snake of Vietnam, also the world’s longest snake, is the reticulated python, measuring more than 6.25 meters.

Q. What is snake wine?

Snake wine, one of Vietnam’s popular alcoholic beverages is traditionally made by including a snake, the venomous ones inside a jar filled with grain alcohol or rice wine. The marination occurs for several months.