Snakes in Michigan

Michigan has one venomous snake species, the eastern massasauga rattlesnake, inhabiting the Lower Peninsula area. However, the Upper Peninsula region is devoid of any venomous snakes. Initially, they were even found in the Great Lakes area, though now their population is rare because of habitat loss and human disturbance.

The gray rat snake, Michigan’s largest, measuring 42-72 inches, mainly dwells in the Lower Peninsular’s southern half.

Snakes in Michigan (MI)
RattlesnakesEastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
Garter Snakes Northern Ribbon Snake
Butler’s Garter Snake
Eastern Garter Snake
Water SnakesCommon Watersnake Copperbelly Water Snake
King SnakesEastern Milk Snake
Hognose SnakesEastern Hog-nosed Snake
StoreriaDeKay’s Brown Snake
Northern Redbelly Snake
OpheodrysSmooth Green Snake
ReginaQueen Snake
DiadophisNorthern Ringneck Snake
PantherophisEastern Fox Snake
Western Fox Snake
Black Rat Snake
Gray Rat Snake
ColuberBlue Racer
ClonophisKirtland’s Snake

Snakes by Colors and Patterns

Black Snakes: Black Rat Snake, Butler’s Garter Snake, Northern Ribbon Snake

Blue Snakes: Blue Racer

Brown Snakes: DeKay’s Brownsnake, Eastern Garter Snake, Butler’s Garter Snake, Northern Ribbon Snake

Snakes by Regions

Snakes in Northern Michigan: Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, Blue Racer

Snakes in Southern Michigan: Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, Black Rat Snake, Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, Kirtland’s Snake

Quick Information

Biggest Snakes: Gray Rat Snake

Smallest Snakes: DeKay’s Brown Snake