Snakes in the UK (United Kingdom)

Of the three native English snakes, just one, i.e., the common European adder, is venomous. They have a wide range in Britain, extending from England’s south coast to the northern portions. The other two, the smooth and barred grass snakes, are non-venomous. The barred grass snake is a common water snake species of Britain, found in the southern parts, inhabiting areas close to water sources.

The Aesculapian snake isn’t indigenous to the country, found in limited areas in North Wales, South Wales, and London.

Another reptile found in the United Kingdom, i.e., the slow worm, is mistaken for a snake. However, it is a legless lizard in actuality.

Snakes in the United Kingdom (UK)
AddersCommon European Adder 
CoronellaSmooth Snake
NatrixBarred Grass Snake
ZamenisAesculapian Snake

Snakes in the United Kingdom (By Region)