Snakes in Spain

Of the 12 species dwelling in Spain, five are venomous, the seaone’s viper being the most dangerous among all species. You would find the venomous and non-venomous species distributed throughout the country.

The seoane’s viper makes its home in the northern parts of Spain. The false smooth snake, a non-venomous species, inhabits the entire Mediterranean basin, mainly Catalonia in the country’s northern part.

Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost region, also has its share of snakes, the viperine water snake and the montpellier snake being the commonest species living here. The motpellier snake is also Spain’s largest 78 inches long.

Snakes in Spain
ViperaSeoane’s Viper (Iberian Cross Adder )
Lataste’s viper
Asp Viper
MacroprotodonFalse Smooth Snake 
MalpolonMontpellier Snake   

 Horseshoe Whip Snake
NatrixViperine Water Snake
Grass Snake
ZamerinLadder Snake
Aesculapian Snake
CoronellaSouthern Smooth Snake
HierophisGreen Whip Snake

Snakes in Spain by Region