Snakes in Fiji

Fiji has three snakes, of which the Fiji or bolo snake is the only venomous land species dwelling here. The island even has several sea snakes occupying the rugged coastlines, of which the yellow-lipped sea krait or the banded sea krait is most commonly found. The Pacific tree boa is one of Fiji’s largest snakes, reaching lengths of 6 feet.

Snakes have been an integral part of Fijian culture since time immemorial. A small village lying close to the Nakauvadra Mountains still offer prays to an eight-headed snake that they believe in having made its home in the nearby Matawaluwalu. Locals call the snake Uluiwalu, translating to eight-headed in the Fijian language. Legends have it that people worshipped this snake in the past for power and wealth. There is also a snake god cave here, one of Fiji’s biggest caves in Wailotua village, made in the shape of a snake’s head.

Snakes in Fiji
OgmodonFiji Snake (Bolo Snake)
LaticaudaYellow-lipped Sea Krait

Pacific Tree Boa