Snakes in Egypt

Snakes have held a special significance in Egyptian culture since ancient times, symbolizing divinity and royalty. Apep, the Egyptian deity, an embodiment of chaos, was represented as a giant snake. The Egyptian cobra, one of Egypt’s deadliest snakes, was an integral part of the ancient culture, worn as an emblem on the headdresses of kings.

The fact that snakes existed in Egypt several years ago was even validated recently when researchers came across fossils of the Egyptian cobra’s ancestors as old as 37 million years. 

Snakes Found in Egypt


  • Saharan Horned Viper
  • Egyptian Cobra
  • Red-spitting Cobra
  • Egyptian Saw-scaled Viper
  • Desert Cobra
  • Sahara Sand Viper
  • Field’s Horned Viper
  • Indian Saw-scaled Viper
  • Banded Sea Krait


  • Central African Egg-eating Snake
  • Egyptian Sand Boa
  • Kenyan Sand Boa
KraitBanded Sea Krait

Saharan Horned Viper
Sahara Sand Viper  

Egyptian Saw-scaled Viper
Indian Saw-scaled Viper
NajaEgyptian Cobra
Red-spitting Cobra  
WalterinnesiaDesert Cobra  
Pseudocerastes  Field’s Horned Viper  
DasypeltisCentral African Egg-eating Snake  
EryxEgyptian Sand Boa
Kenyan Sand Boa