Lower Classification

There have been many rearrangements and changes to the python family’s classification, including the following genera that contain over 40 snake species.

  • Antaresia (Children’s pythons)
  • Apodora (Monotypic species: Papuan olive python)
  • Aspidites (Shield pythons)
  • Bothrochilus (Monotypic species: Bismarck ringed python)
  • Leiopython (The whitelip pythons)
  • Liasis (Water pythons)
  • Malayopython (Reticulated and Timor pythons)
  • Morelia (Tree pythons)
  • Nyctophilopython (Monotypic species: Oenpelli python)
  • Python (The ‘true’ pythons)
  • Simalia (Amethystine python species group)