Lower Classification

The Leptotyphlopidae snakes are divided into two sub-families, with one of them, Epictinae, being further grouped into multiple tribes, subtribes, and genera. Here are is the lower classification –

Leptotyphlopinae (Slender blind snakes/threadsnakes)

  • Epacrophis
  • Leptotyphlops
  • Myriopholis
  • Namibiana

Epictinae (Slender blind snakes/threadsnakes)

  • Epictini, New World snakes (Tribe)
    • Epictina (Subtribe)
      • Epictia
      • Habrophallos (Monotypic species: Collared blind snake)
      • Siagonodon
    • Renina (Subtribe)
      • Rena
      • Trilepida
    • Tetracheilostomina (Subtribe)
      • Mitophis
      • Tetracheilostoma
    • Rhinoleptini (Tribe, African snakes)
      • Tricheilostoma
      • Rhinoleptus (Monotypic species: Villiers’s blind snake)
      • Rhinoguinea (Monotypic species: R. magna)