Lamprophiidae (Lamprophiids)

Lower Classification

The family used to have multiple sub-families, separated into many genera. But, in 2022, the family has been split into several families, leaving only the following subfamily within Lamprophiidae:


  • The ‘brown’ house snakes (Boaedon)
  • Bothrolycus (Only recognized species: Günther’s black snake)
  • Bothrophthalmus (Only recognized species: Red-black striped snake)
  • Banded snakes (Chamaelycus)
  • Dendrolycus (Only recognized species: Cameroon rainforest snake)
  • African ground snakes/file snakes (Gonionotophis)
  • Gracililima (Only recognized species: Black file snake)
  • Hormonotus (Only recognized species: Uganda house snake)
  • Inyoka (Only recognized species: Swazi rock snake)
  • African house snakes (Lamprophis)
  • File snakes (Limaformosa)
  • African water snakes (Lycodonomorphus)
  • Wolf snakes (Lycophidion)
  • File snakes (Mehelya)
  • Pseudoboodon