About Us

We are a bunch of people fascinated by reptiles, particularly snakes. These cold-blooded slithering animals are unlike any other. They are often misunderstood and represented as merciless killers. But in truth, all snakes, save maybe a few, attack humans only in self-defense. Like any other animal, they just want to live and give birth to continue their own race.

But we do not underestimate snakes because they are dangerous. So, instead of injudiciously killing snakes whenever we cross paths with them, it’s better to know a bit more about them. It will help us all stay safe, and informed about what to do instead of blindly killing these magnificent creatures. 

Here at The Snake Guide, we strive to help you learn about all the different snake, their habits, and characteristics to help you identify a snake correctly when you see one next. Because knowing it is the first step to staying out of harm’s way.