Welcome to The Snake Guide! This site is under construction right now so if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, I apologize. I'm working as fast as I can I promise! This site is here to educate everyone about anything and everything to do with snakes! If you just need some information on snakes or if you're looking to own a snake as a pet and want some care sheets to learn how to take care of them, this site will answer all of your questions. And if it doesn't, just send an email to info@thesnakeguide.com and I'll get back to you.

The Care Sheets section of this site will give you detailed information on how to take care of snakes. I intend to have care sheets made for every snake at some point. Yep, every snake including venomous snakes and exotic snakes like Flying Snakes, Tentacled Snakes and more. If you have any information you would to contribute, please send an email to at info@thesnakeguide.com

The Non-Vemomous and Venomous sections of the site will provide you with detailed information about snakes. If you want to know where snakes live, what their behaviors are, what they eat and how they eat, what snakes look like and more, these are the sections you'll find that information. If you want snake care sheets, check out the Care Sheets section.

The Store section is where you'll find snake products like cages, heating and lighting, thermometers, hygrometers, bedding and substrates, water bowls, habitat decor and health supplies.

In the Blog section you'll find all kinds of information on different snakes, fun facts, snake myths and more.

Enjoy your time on the site and once again, it's still under construction! Thanks for stopping by.

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